House Republicans Introduce Articles Of Impeachment Against Kamala Harris

articles of impeachment

In a new bombshell revelation, Tennessee Republican Rep. Andy Ogles has introduced articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris; “Joe Biden has repeatedly abused his position of power,” Ogles says. “President Joe Biden hasn’t just failed the American people with his abysmal excuse for ‘leadership’ — he’s violated his sworn … Read more

Final Vote To Censure Adam Schiff – Democrats ERUPT In Disorder

Adam Schiff

Loudmouth Adam Schiff’s recent incident has unquestionably cemented its position in the archives of political struggle. Amidst a series of activities inside the famous chambers of Capitol Hill, the House of Representatives found itself involved in a contentious argument surrounding the censure of the Democratic representative from California. Due to both its immediate effects and … Read more

Adam Schiff Kicked Out For Misuse Of Classified Information

Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, was unexpectedly kicked out from his position, triggering many conversations and guesses about the implications for political accountability and national security. Schiff’s removal as the committee’s former top Democrat has raised inquiries about the reasoning behind the choice and its possible implications. In a recent video … Read more

Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada

Compared to the numerous USA, UK, and Australia scholarships, there aren’t as many Canada scholarships accessible to international students. However, studying in Canada is not as affordable as studying at home, even if it is still reasonably priced when compared to other nations like the US, the UK, Australia, etc. However, studying in Canada is … Read more

How to Smoothly Move to Switzerland With Or Without Your Family

How to Smoothly Move to Switzerland Switzerland is often touted as the epitome of European splendor, and rightly so. With its picturesque landscapes, high standard of living, high wages, and a plethora of opportunities for skilled migrants, Switzerland is synonymous with quality. For individuals yearning for a life that boasts of opulence, security, and adventure, … Read more

10 Top UK Universities Ideal for Distance Learning

If you want to specialise, improve your qualification and boost your work opportunities, but you cannot afford to put your life on hold, interrupt your job or be away from your family, then distance learning is the solution for you. Universities in the United Kingdom offer some of the best distance learning programmes in Europe and the world. British … Read more

High Paying Jobs Without Degree

You don’t need to own a degree or attend school for years before you can secure high-paying jobs. Well, there are a lot of jobs that you can only bag when you have a degree either relating to them or just a general requirement. However, there are still many jobs that pay well, even without … Read more

Universities in the US and UK You Can Apply without IELTS

One of the major requirements for International students looking to study in foreign universities is the English language. As long as the course of instruction is in English, you will be required to prove that you can read, write and understand English before getting admission. Previously, it was a compulsory requirement for Nigerian citizens, however, … Read more

Spain Needs Over 60,000 Additional Workers in Hospitality Industry (APPLY NOW)

A record number of international tourists have been choosing Spain as their preferred vacation destination, which is why the country is experiencing a significant labor shortage in the hospitality industry. This was confirmed by resources firm Randstad, which estimates that Spain requires at least 60,000 additional workers to deal with the current situation. According to reports, one of the … Read more