Uefa president reveals Woodward and Glazer chats over Manchester United role in European Super League

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Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin has lifted the lid on recent talks with both Ed Woodward and Joel Glazer in the wake of the European Super League scandal.

Manchester United were one of the proposed founding members of the failed ESL with co-owner Joel Glazer initially supporting plans to start it ‘as soon as practicable’, while executive vice-chairman Woodward was skewered by Ceferin over his role in the proposals.

Woodward tendered his resignation amid heated fan backlash against United’s fleeting involvement in the competition, after the club caved into pressure and withdrew from the proposals only 48 hours after publicly backing them.

Sources say many of the staff at United are ‘gutted’ Woodward is leaving and shocked by the timing of his resignation while others were adamant Woodward was genuinely against the concept and has ‘taken a bullet for the Glazers’.

Now the president of Uefa, Ceferin, has revealed recent talks with Woodward in which the executive vice-chairman supposedly pleaded his innocence ahead of the Europa League final defeat in Gdansk last week.

“He said he didn’t know that it [ESL] was happening, But, I don’t know,” Ceferin told The Telegraph. “I don’t want to accuse him or not. I have not said anything about him to anyone else.

“I just said he called me and said the reforms [of the Champions League] are good. Maybe he was honest back then, I don’t know. But he [later] wanted to explain that he didn’t know it [the ESL] was ever happening. That’s as much as I know.”

Ceferin says he also spoke with Joel Glazer in the wake of the ESL collapse, claiming the United co-owner is well aware of the sanctions which could be imposed on his club as a result.

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